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            S.C. BUSINESS EXPERT S.R.L. was set up at the end of 2004 out of passion for fire prevention done as a profession. The founder of the company, Laurenţiu Stoian (an engineer), had accumulated a rich ten-year experience in the field of fire prevention and extinction. As ex military employee of Vasile Goldiş” Fire Company of the County of Arad, Romania (the present Vasile Goldiş” Inspectorate for Emergency Situations of the County of Arad), Laurenţiu Stoian had the following positions:

- in the period 01.06.1994 – 01.04.1996, as commanding officer of the fire intervention guard of the Firemen Detachment in Arad, he led and coordinated the intervention in multiple fire situations;

- in the period 01.04.1996 – 31.12.2004, he worked as an inspector of the Inspection and Fire Prevention Bureau as follows:

§         he represented the institution in its relations with third parties, especially in approval/authorization problems, being the person who made the connection between the fire brigade as an institution and the design companies (architects, resistence and installation engineers), the producers of construction materials and equipments for fire security, traders of this type of materials and equipments, and, last but not least, the investors;

§         he carried out checks with a view to verifying the execution of the fire security measures on various building sites or at different companies and institutions;

§         he carried out checks with a view to verifying how the fire security measures had been prescribed by the design companies.


The founder of S.C. BUSINESS EXPERT S.R.L., together with the other employees, have considered professional improvement as one of their main priorities, both by individual study and by taking part in different perfecting courses, followed by professional evaluation: 

-         Postgraduate Studies of Specialization in the Management of Fire Hazard, “Alexandru Ioan CuzaPolice Academy, Firemen College, Bucharest - ing. Laurenţiu Stoian

-         specialization courses and Certificate of Competence for execution of verification, maintenance and repair works to fire limitation and extinction systems, equipments and devices - ing. Laurenţiu Stoian

-          specialization courses and Certificate of Competence for execution of verification, repair and refilling of extinguishers and other devices of fire extinction - ing. Laurenţiu Stoian

-         specialization courses and Certificate of Competence concerning the acquisition of the theoretical and practical knowledge for practising the specialization of technical worker in the field of fire prevention and extinction - Aurel Balint, Corneliu Luciu


The company is also member of The Body of  Technical Experts, Arad, as specialized in fire prevention and extinction problems.

With the passing of time, due to our professionalism, accessible fees, observance of agreed terms, etc., the company has developed day by day, the number of its customers being increasingly higher. This is also reflected in the company’s balance at the end of the year 2005, when, after only one year of activity our company’s profit was more than satisfying.





Balance year

Sales figure







44 799


28 699






























At present, as a result of its development, the company has diversified its activity and the number of employees has increased.


Having an energetical, flexible and available team, which is excelently trained from a professional point of view, S.C. BUSINESS EXPERT S.R.L. is prepared to face all challenges and to fully satisfy its customers’ and partners’ demands.      


A global vision


In the context of a wide vision upon the company’s development and in order to gain more customers on the service market, at the end of the year 2005, S.C. BUSINESS EXPERT S.R.L. founded  Quick Group
, which is a professional association based on relations of cooperation between several companies which aim to cover the entire range of services necessary for the authorization and functioning of companies in the county of Arad (fire prevention and extinction, labour protection and medicine, protection of environment, health, sanitary-veterinarian services, legal advice, management consutancy, accountancy, design and execution of buidings and installations, trade of various materials and equipments, authorized translations etc.). Quick Group’s motto is assuming responsibility for the quality of the performed services - quality proven by the satisfaction of our companies’ customers.

Quick Group partners:

-         S.C. BUSINESS EXPERT S.R.L. (founder) – services in the field of fire security;

-         S.C. BUSINESS OFFICE L.A. S.R.L – translations into/from English;

-         S.C. CONTACT PLUS S.R.L. – fire and antiburglary signaling;

-         S.C. FAIR PLAY S.R.L. - lightning rods and electrical equipment of light and great power;

-         S.C. SERVICE MOBIL TEHNOFOC PSI S.R.L. - fire extinguishers;

-         S.C. ARCOINSTAL - sanitary equipment;

-         S.C. MODULAR S.R.L. – building designs;

-         S.C. IACOB & FIII S.R.L. – protection of environment services;

-         P.F.I. ROMANESCU UTURE LIVIA PFAlabour protection services;

-         CABINET AVOCAT DRĂGOI IONICĂ - legal advice;

-         P.F.I. Sorin Şandor - translation into/from French;

-         P.F.I. CODRUŢA MĂRAN - translation into/from German;

-         S.C. INFINITI TRADE S.R.L. – computers, internet and data


-         Looking for partners - metal constructions

-         Looking for partners - resistance structures for buildings



As far as its main activity is concerned (fire security services), S.C. Business Expert S.R.L. functions on the basis of its own vision upon the offered services, i.e. asssuring complete services, which address all the fire prevention and extinction problems in a company, and assuming total responsibility in front of our customers and the inspecting authorities (see Services).



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